A pubikini is a type of bikini where the area in front of the pubic area is removed in order to reveal the womans pubic hair or pubic area.

Is the Pubikini for Real?

The pubikini is absolutely for real. Just take a look at the photo below, which is a more extreme modern day example of the Pubikini. It's very similiar to the micro bikini or mini-bikinis that you see at the beach with its minimal coverage, but revealing the pubic area in its entirety. Most commonly today you will see it as a tiny bikini, primarily v-shaped in order to expose the pubic region.

Pubikini photo taken by wetfinder and used through Creative Commons.  

Who invented the Pubikini?

The pubikini was invented by Austrian born Rudi Gernreich in 1985, who is famous for inventing variations of the bikini and who also invented the monokini.